Sabrina Manufacturing Group

    Sabrina originally founded two decades ago started its business mainly focused on packaging in paper, tin and injection mold boxes etc. With our management team’s dedicated passion and keen sense to the market, Sabrina has soon expanded its business into other sectors including variety of home goods manufacturing while keeping its packaging business growing rapidly. By 2007, Sabrina has firmly become an enterprise and renamed to be Sabrina Manufacturing Group.

    In the past decades, not only record-proven business models we have established, but also strong finance structure we have built. Each time we initiate a new business relationship with a major US retailer, we must pass their audit. We always have A+ rating on the audition. 

    With the vision of “always closely observing customers' requirements, responding to them effectively and efficiently, and striving for highest standards without compromise”, Sabrina has made itself into a legend in just a decade. It has become a leading supplier in packaging for many very reputable companies around world crossing different industries from Lindt, Godiva to Yankee Candle, Coty etc. Its packaging sector alone created revenue of over US$50 Million represented in 2014.

    While working with our customers, our management team got inspired and stepped into home fragrance, air care and home décor manufacturing. During the-six-year we stepped into the home goods business, we introduced many new forms such as metal, wood, 3d glass, ceramic etc., landed with several patents, and become one of the major suppliers in warmer and diffuser for several retail giants in US and Europe.

    With our unwavering dedication to design and commitment to continuously innovation, we have more than enough confidence to claim that we are the best partner for customers who has home décor and packaging needs.

    Key Facts & Figures

    ·         Established in 1997 in Shenzhen, China.
    ·          As the fiscal year of 2016 we reached revenue of US$80,000,000. Our YOY (year-over-year) revenue growth rate reached
               more than 20%.
    ·         Reached US $100 Million bench mark in revenue in 2017
    ·         Runs five manufacturing facility centers in Guangdong China; Two assembling centers in Cambodia.
    ·         Have offices in China, USA, UK, Ireland,Japan, Cambodia, and Manila to serve our customer need around the clock.


    Our Strategy

    Our customers desire broader reaching solutions, innovation and efficient processes to help them reduce cost and complexity from their supply chains. There is no substitute for expertise. With our expertise in design, production and supply, we are one company that offers all our customers are looking for.

    Employee Code Of Ethics

    Honesty,integrity and transparency are core values of Sabrina Manufacturing Group (hereafter referred to as the "Company")

    and its subsidiaries. While mistakes may be forgiven,violation of our ethical code will never be tolerated.

    Sabrina Manufacturing Group stands for absolute honesty, integrity and fair play. As a Company employee and Company
    representative, you must ensure the Company's reputation is not tarnished by dishonest, disloyal or corrupt behavior.
    This Code sets out the basic standard of conduct expected of all staff (including company directors,full-time staff, part-time staff
    and temporary workers) employed by the Company and its subsidiaries,and the Company's policy on acceptance of advantage 
    and handling of conflict of interest when dealing with the Company's business.

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    Employee Code Of Ethics