We understand how important it is today to reduce waste and practice sustainability, and not only do we apply this practice in production but also throughout our company.

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Through innovation and investment, we continue to explore eco‐friendly materials that are sustainable and degradable whether it’s crushed bamboo, organic corn fiber, seaweed or a variety of materials combined.

Paper Pulp

Our molding technology for recycled paper is impeccable. We produce durable quality with competitive price, plus significant decrease on environmental footprint compared to standard thermoformed plastic and injection molding.

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Green Print

With our vast experience in printing, we have mastered using plant‐base ink from soy ink, linseed oil and other organic ink on FSC‐certified recycled paper, at its best quality and high‐density color pigments.

Zero waste

With supply chain transparency, material management and implementation, we work closely not only with our plants but our material suppliers.


society responsibility

Giving back to the community is one the motivation for us to work harder.